The Beauty Around Us


Always looking at the  spectacular beauty around us, I am drawn to the sparkle, shine and colors of the sand and light and water. With each image I try to convey the peaceful mood and beauty of the ocean, rivers, lakes and streams that surround us.

Boats, Skiffs, Dories and Dinghies


Drawn to the sparkle, shine and colors of the water, and the weathered, chipped paint of colorful boats, skiffs and dinghies. I like to turn my seascapes and boat photos into something more: rendered with subtle brushstrokes, layered with texture, hand framed in found wood, distressed, and always capturing the mood I felt when I first took the photograph. 


All Good Things


Anything and everything inspiring.

New in the gallery


Captured at an off -the- beaten path beach while out exploring the South Shore we found this little red skiff beached at low tide. Distressed and time worn, artfully rendered and texturized, this photograph is printed on exhibition quality canvas, mounted, then framed with found beach wood.

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All of my work is captured in the moment to convey the feel of the light and mood of the water and peace in the air. Every piece is built by hand, making each one unique, purposely textured and distressed. My intent is for you to love them as much as I do. Thank you for looking!


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